SMG 22 Basic



model number: SMG .22
power source: CO2, Nitrogen, HPA
caliber: .22
rate of fire: 12 rds. per second
velocity: 600 FPS +
weight with tank: 6.4 lbs.
length with tank: 36.5"
barrel material: Rifled
front sight: Fixed
rear sight: Dove Tail
safety: Cross Bolt
barrel length: 16.5"
Patent Number: 8,430,085

SMG .22 Full Auto Belt Fed Machine Gun

The all new Air-Ordnance SMG .22 pellet gun is the first of kind, fully automatic .22 caliber belt fed machine gun.  This lightweight, high performance pellet gun which shoots up to 600 fps is the perfect item for gun enthusiasts, sportsmen and target shooting.  This exciting new item, which is powered by CO2, nitrogen, or HPA (high pressure compressed air)  will unleash up to 12 rounds per second, with an adjustable rate of fire.

Also availble in tactical mode:

Included with the SMG .22

  • 100 Round Ammo Drum
  • 100 Round Ammo belt
  • Ammo belt easy load tool
  • Owner's manual
  • Gun Oil packet


  • 45 Pistol Grip Frame
  • Composite Forearm Grip
  • Dovetail Rear Sight
  • Front Sight: Fixed
  • Aluminum Body
  • Steel Rifled Barrel
  • Extremely Light Trigger Pull
  • Piccatiny Rail to Mount Various Accessories


Can I use only .22 caliber pellets in the SMG .22?
Yes, only use .22 caliber pellets in the SMG .22
Can I use any type of .22 caliber pellet in the SMG .22
Yes, you can use any brand and type of .22 pellet, but some do work better than others.
How many rounds per second can the SMG .22 Fire?
The SMG .22 has an adjustable rate of fire and will fire up to 12 rounds per second.
How many rounds can I expect out of a 20oz CO2 tank?
Depending on conditions, you should expect to fire 350-400 rounds per fill of the CO2 tank included with the SMG 22.
Do I need to have a firearms license to own the SMG .22?
No, you do not need to have a firearms license to own the SMG .22 due to the fact that this gun is not considered a firearm, since it does not use an explosive substance to fire the projectile.
What is an Air Gun?
An air gun is either an air rifle or hand gun which fires projectiles using compressed air or other high pressured gas. These types of guns are also referred to as pneumatic guns.
Are air guns legal?
Yes airguns are legal, but recommended for adult use only.
Can HPA or nitrogen be used to operate the SMG .22?
Yes, you can use CO2, nitrogen or HPA (High Pressure Air) to operate the SMG.22.
How do I stay safe when owning/operating a pellet gun?
Make certain that your air gun is unloaded when carrying it, or taking it indoors or into a car. Always unload your airgun before climbing fences or other obstacles. Never leave your airgun unattended, even if it is unloaded.
Is the CO2 tank filled when I receive my SMG .22?
No, it is unlawful to ship a filled CO2 tank, so you will have to fill the tank after opening your new product.
Where do I fill my CO2 tanks?
You can have your tanks filled at any paintball supply shop, or bulk gas retailer. Many sporting goods stores also fill CO2 Tanks. Other options would be to run compressed air or to purchase your own bulk CO2 cylinder to refill your 20 oz. tanks.
What type of warranty does the SMG .22 come with?
The SMG .22 ships with a 1 year full parts and labor warranty.
Where is the SMG .22 manufactured?
The SMG .22 is manufactured by Air Ordnance in Fort Wayne, IN U.S.A.
5 (Out of 5)The man toy
This is the real thing !!! I fired a lot of weapons in my day boys I spent nine years in the military I served in Desert Storm this is as close as you can get without it being the real thing. It's no toy that's for sure enjoy if you're one of those guys sitting there that's been looking at it for three weeks like I was thinking about buying it just stop and buy it you won't regret it . Have fun My man Toy
By chris monaco
5 (Out of 5)neat -o
great product, with some simple mods , makes it perfect.....I got the 1st model run so it had some bugs....the open rear sight was weak and broke the 1st week out, but I slapped on some 1'' risers and put a CP tactical sight on it, no problem...a NCSTAR bipod was a help also, but the best mod was an empire paintball coiled remote with a slide check......the remote not only put the bottle out of the way and helped with balancing, but also gave the C02 time to warm up in the line and reduced freeze jams.......also the coldness would make the receiver leak and that problem is cured now.......this thing is a blast, im getting @ 610 fps with c02 without a fail now and about 11 rps
By donald russell
5 (Out of 5)auto - ord
I have had my Auto Ord MG for over a year. I have lots of airgun's. The Auto Ordnance MG is BY FAR the MOST FUN AIRGUN I HAVE IT does burn through ammo. My one recommendation is that you buy several drums and a thousand belt links because it takes a long time to load a 50 round mag and it empties in 5 you're loading - load a thousand or two thousand of the belts, have a few fully loaded drums and loaded belts to load fast and easy for your entire shooting period
By Dave Licht
5 (Out of 5)you:ll love it!!!!!!
Fantastic design& craftsmanship. Out of all the air guns I own this is a working marvel, compeltly air /CO2 . I use both. I have owned mine for over 1yaer now and have shot more pellets than I care to count and if you follow the owners manual and maintain your gun and power source:s this gun will not let you down. I have chronied mine in 75 degree f. temps using 14.3 grain pellets and have acheived a high f.p.s. of 621 using 850 p.s.i. CO2 and 683-691 on 1200 p.s.i.compressed air if you load your belt and drum according to the directions . You will have no jams , misfires and strays . this rifle equiped with a U.T.G. red/green dot sight is so accurate at 75 -100 ft. you would think it made for compitition shooting. The employees and customer service is some of the best in the air gun field and they are all ways on hand to answer any questions you might have. For those who think 560-600+f.p.s. is not enough, remember that is with a 14- 15 gr. .22 cal. pellet and that has good medium to long range accuracy and energy. and if you need more get a lighter pellet a a remote compressed air unit( if affordable) and you will not be disappointed. If you can afford it and most serious air gunners can, then this is the gun to have,full auto fun, fun ,fun! But remeber if you show it to someone else it will be awhile before you get it back. BUY IT &BUY IT HERE, where they were designed manufactured and are serviced. You can:t go wrong with Air Ordnance
By Kevin Neel
5 (Out of 5)mods
I would like to know if the factory or who to see about mods ?? I am an smg owner
By martin grubbs
5 (Out of 5)Any New Sights in the Works
I ordered the air rifle with the collapsible stock and was told the the factory sights would be unusable. Is there anything in the works for a retrofitted iron/composite sight system to work with the collapsible stock? You should also offer a quick disconnect system for those of us that would like to use an extended hose set up and/or a 5lb bottle and regulator. Thanks
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