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  • HPA Tank  48/3000 HPA Tank  48/3000

    HPA Tank 48/3000

    This compact lightweight HPA tank is Globally Certified, which means it's approved for use in the USA, Canada and Europe.  Many paintball and airsoft players use this with a remote line setup.  Expect to get 250 shots per fill with your SMG...

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    Collapsible stock Collapsible stock

    Collapsible Rear Stock

    Collapsible Rear Stock for the SMG-22 Pellet gun (Composite) The Collapsible rear stock adds comfort and design when shooting.  Collapsible rear stock has 6 quick adjustment positions ranging from 11 1/4" down to 7 1/4" in length. To adjust, simply...

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  • Additional 100-Round Belt

    100-Round Belt

    Additional 100-Round Ammo Belt for the SMG-22 Pellet Gun Non-assembled 100 rd. ammo belt gives you the ability to have more fire power pre-loaded and ready to go. This belt is an identical match to the (2) belts which ship with the SMG-22 Pellet Gun.

    $24.95 $15.00
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  • 100 round drum 100 round drum

    100 Round Ammo drum

    The NEW 100 Round STEEL Drum quickly attaches and detaches to you gun allowing for simple loading and firing of the SMG 22. This additional 100 Round drum, in conjunction with an extra ammo belt (sold here), allows you to reload in a hurry. Once each...

    $59.95 $55.00
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  • 22 Caliber Match Pellets

    22 Caliber Match Pellets

    Air Ordnance recommends .22 caliber Gamo pellets for use in your SMG .22. Gamo pellets offer excellent quality and great expansion. Designed primarily as a light, fast, small game, practice, plinking pellet, the Gamo pellets are known for...

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  • Speed Loader Speed Loader

    Speed Loader

    Details The 100 Round Speed Loader Box allow you to quickly and easily load an entire 100 round ammo belt in under 60 seconds.  This quick load system works with most major brand conventional .22 caliber lead pellets.  Just drop the...

    $44.99 $39.99
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