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Front Sight Lower Barrel 22 Caliber Barrel Picatinny Rail Front Grip Durable Cast Aluminum Receiver Belt Guide 100 Round Belt Steel Drum Adjustable Rear Sight 45 Degree Pistol Grip Rubber Braided Stainless Gas Line Rapid Fire Trigger Tank Adapter

Front Sight / Muzzle:

Precision accuracy built in front sight and muzzle.

Lower Barrel:

Exclusive 2 barrel design offers stability and support for the .22 Caliber Barrel.

.22 Caliber Barrel:

Rifled barrel for consistent shooting from shot to shot.

Piccatiny Rail:

Lower piccatiny rail provides adjustable front grip mounting. You can also mount bipods and other Picatinny accessories.

Adjustable Front Grip:

Composite contoured front grip provides stability/design and comfort. Front grip, mounted on piccatiny rail is easily adjusted.

Cast Aluminum Receiver:

Rugged lightweight cast receiver designed to withstand the elements.

Belt Guide and Latch:

The Belt Guide easily opens to load the belt and snaps back into place quickly.

Ammo Belt:

Air Ordnance exclusive quick link ammo belt allows you to feed and shoot up to 12 rds. per second. SMG .22 ships with 2 100-round reuseable ammo belts.

100-Round Ammo Drum:

SMG .22 100-round ammo drum slides on and off of the lower receiver to provide for fast and simple reloading. The Drum splits into 2 pieces to easily insert the belt.

Rapid Fire Trigger:

Rapid fire trigger, capable of up to 12 rounds per second

Stainless Steel Gas Line:

Sturdy braided stainless steel gas line

Adjustable Rear Site:

Sliding dove tail rear site allows for quick adjustment when lining up your target.

2 Piece Rubber Grips:

2 piece .45 grip frame rubber grips, contoured to comfort and stability.

CO2 Tank Adapter:

Tank adapter to accomadate any size Co2 tank ranging in size from 9 oz. to 20 oz. This Pellet gun will also operate off of Nitrogen or compressed air.

SMG-22 Features:

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